The NDIA Michigan Chapter

The Michigan Chapter of NDIA is a nonprofit, professional organization, comprised of Military, Civil Servants, and Defense Contractors. The Officers and Members of the Board of Directors are elected, unpaid, volunteers that donate their time to contribute to our Michigan Defense Community and the Industrial Base.

Originally, the Michigan Chapter focused on Technical Meetings and Speaker functions. However, in 1992, the TACOM Commanding General encouraged his senior Logisticians to solicit support from the Chapter to facilitate the execution of the November 1992 TACOM Logistics Symposium. This relationship was so successful the event grew for several years peaking at 1,000 attendees with over 80 exhibits. The mold was cast and other similar activities followed to include: Acquisition Symposiums, Industry Days, Force Projection Symposiums, and the Defense Sector Cybersecurity Summit.

The NDIA Michigan Chapter relationship with TARDEC sprouted in 2004 and the Chapter started working with TARDEC on the annual Intelligent Vehicle Systems Symposium, and the Power and Energy Symposium. The successful Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium (GVSETS) followed. Additionally, in conjunction with TACOM & TARDEC, the Chapter created the annual Michigan Defense Expo held at Macomb Community College.

As a result of these events, the Chapter has been able to give back to the Michigan Defense Community by contributing to the Michigan ROTC Awards Banquet, Detroit Arsenal U.S. Army Family & Morale, Welfare & Recreation Program, Michigan , Student Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, TACOM ROTC Day, USA Cares of Michigan, Guardian Angel Dogs for PTS Veterans, and STEM Youth Programs to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to Michigan students.

In 2007, the NDIA Michigan Chapter affiliated with the Michigan Chapter of Women in Defense, A National Security Organization.

Since 2004, the NDIA Michigan Chapter has been officially recognized annually by the NDIA National Organization as a Model Chapter.

Since the award inception in 2018, the NDIA Michigan Chapter has been recognized as a Chapter of Excellence.