GVSETS revised
Plans and Priorities

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1:00pm… Welcome
Mike Viggato, (SES), Deputy Commanding General, TACOM LCMC

1:10pm…Plans and Priorities
Scott Greene, VP for Ground Vehicles, Lockheed Martin

1:40pm…Research Technology and Integration
Ken Ciarelli, Deputy Executive Director (DXD), Research and Technology Integration (RTI), TARDEC

Panel Members
Al Grein, Associate Director (AD), Ground Vehicle Power & Mobility, TARDEC
Jeff Jaster, Assistant-Associate Director, Ground System Survivaility, TARDEC
Jim Parker, AD, Ground Vehicle Robotics, TARDEC
Chris Ostrowski, AD, Vehicle Electronic Architectures, TARDEC
Dave Thomas, AD, National Automotive Center, TARDEC


3:30pm…System Integration and Engineering
Chuck Coutteau, DXD of Ground Systems Engineering Assessment & Assurance (GSEAA), TARDEC

Panel Members
Curt Adams, Associate Director (AD), Systems Engineering Group, TARDEC
Sudhakar Arepally, AD, Analytics, TARDEC
Fred Balling, DXD, Ground Systems Engineering, TARDEC
Dr. Bruce Brendle, DXD, Center for Systems Integration (CSI), TARDEC
Dr. Mark Brudnak, AD, Physical Simulation & Test, TARDEC

Tony Mitek, Team Lead, TARDEC


Thursday, August 22, 2013

8:00am… Welcome
Mike Viggato, (SES), Deputy Commanding General, TACOM LCMC

8:05am…Program Specific Updates
Thomas Bagwell (SES), Deputy PEO,GCS

Panel Members
Ken Bousquet, Acting Executive Director, Army Contracting Command - Warren

COL Andrew DiMarco, PM, Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV)

William Sheehy, PM, Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT)

Mr. David Dopp, PM, Tryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT)
Jeff Jaczkowski, Deputy Project Manager, RS JPO

9:35am…… Break

10:30am……Program Specific Updates
COL Robert Fletcher, Deputy PEO, Combat Support & Combat Service Support

Panel Members
COL John R. Cavedo, Project Manager, Joint Light Tactical Vehicles
Pat Plotkowski, Deputy Project Manager, Transportation Systems
Brian Mcveigh, Project Manager, Force Projection
COL Brian Cummings, Project Manager, Mobile Electric Power
Carl Owens, Deputy Project Manager, Army Mine Resistant Protected (MRAP) Vehicles
Patricia Creagh, Director, Combat Support Contracting, Army Contracting Command-Warren


1:00pm.. Plans and Priorities
Mark Signorelli, VP GM, Combat Vehicles, BAE Systems, Land & Armaments

1:30pm… Plans and Priorities
Gordon Stein, VP Stryker Systems, General Dynamics Land Systems

2:00pm… Plans and Priorities
Joe Taylor, VP Mission Command Systems Defense Systems Division, Northrop Grumman Information Systems